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    Reach your desired look with a collaboration of vision and expertise.

  • Custom Kitchens Dallas Interior Design

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Thank you for inquiring about Silver Oak Interiors

Interior Design is a very personal process and we appreciate the opportunity to explore your unique situation and interpret your needs.

Our Signature Look is a Reflection of You

Silver Oak Interiors provides much more than just interior design:
  • We make designing your home easy for you and cost effective
  • We bring value to your home and property
  • We make your home unique and special
  • Our luxury level service ensures that every detail will be attended to

Our Services Include:

  • Luxury Interior Design
  • Home Remodeling and Renovation
  • Green Interior Design
  • Condo Furniture Packages
  • Furniture & Fabric Selection
  • Space Planning
  • Expert Color & Accessory Consultations
  • Commercial Applications for hospitality, restaurants, & offices
  • Construction Services Including:
    • All Specifications
    • Paint and Color Selections
    • Furniture Layout
    • Electrical Plans
    • Project Management